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Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Project Zero G" mean?
There are First Generation (1G), Second Generation (2G), and Third Generation (3G) Eclipses that have grown legendary thanks to their smart 4G63 engine. However, these cars were not the first to have the 4G63 engine. Back in the early 80's Mitsubishi released the 4G63 in Lancers, Starions and small pickup trucks. We consider these to be the pre-1G 4G63 vehicles or Zero Generation (0G).

Where is the old site?
We are currently on the third version of the site. Feel free to out version 1 or version 2.

What vehicles came with a wideblock / 4G64 / 4G63 / etc.?
Here is a list of vehicles which came with 4G6x engines as well as a few others.

Where can I find a list of parts that I need, part numbers, prices and where to buy them?
It is impossible to make an exact list of what you will need becuase each person's setup will be different. It is, however, possible to list commonly needed parts, numbers and prices. Here is a working chart with this information: Google Docs.

I can only click on the "Home" and "F.A.Q." links at the tops of the pages. Where are the menus?
Some browsers such as Internet explorer may have trouble displaying the drop down menus on this site. If you continue to have trouble with the drop down menus, try downloading Firefox which this site has been throughly tested to work with.

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