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Converting SOHC to DOHC

A Dual Over Head Cam (DOHC) head is a wonderful thing. This is especially true if you've been trying to make power unsuccessfully with a Single Over Head Cam (SOHC) head. The 4G63's heads have been modified to make well over 1000hp. They are quite a nice piece to work with. It is a belt driven twin cam head with four valves per cylinder. It has a great pent roof combustion chamber with good quench areas on the sides.

This page describes what is necessary to convert a SOHC engine to DOHC. This info is based on a 6 bolt 4G6x and may not apply to 7 bolt or Evo engines unless otherwise specified. We will only cover the longblock (from oil pan to timing cover). All other parts depend on the specific application. If you are doing a RWD swap we do have some pointers for the engine and its plumbing.

Bolting the Head to the Block

Any 4G6x head will bolt to any 4G6x block. The head bolt / stud locations are the same on the entire Sirius family as are the bore spacing. For 6 bolt blocks and heads, there is no need to drill any holes in the head, block or gasket. If you are putting a 1G head on a 7 bolt or Evo block, you will need to block some oil drain holes. It is possible to put an EvoIV-IX head on a 7 bolt engine, but will be difficult to do on a 6 bolt due to the lack of oil drains. Below is a picture you can use to compare the 6 bolt head, gasket and block. All holes line up.

Timing Components

Obviously, going SOHC to DOHC changes the timing belt configuration a bit. Lets start by listing what parts are different.

NamePart Number
Oil Pump CoverMD128569MD175762MD128569MD175762
Oil Pump Gear DriveMD126658MD174581MD126658MD174581
Oil Pump DrivenMD125361MD174582MD125361MD174582
Oil Pump SprocketMD122692MD135005MD122692MD135005
Crank Timing SprocketMD074433MD326852MD074433MD326852
Timing Mark PlateMD040751MD131241MD040751MD131241
Timing BeltMD140228MD326059MD140229MD182292
Idler PulleyN/AMD156604N/AMD156604
Tensioner PulleyMD011536MD129355MD011536MD129355
Hydraulic TensionerN/AMD164533N/AMD164533
Spring TensionerMD041925N/AMD041925N/A
Upper Timing CoverMD041003MD141457MD086696MD141457
Lower Timing CoverMD129003MD141454MD129007None (6 bolt)
Cast Timing PartN/AMD130032N/AMD130032
*Small variations may exist for parts, but overall, this part is compatible with the 6 bolt block.

As you can see on the chart, many parts are shared, but some are not. One of the few parts that is needed, but does not exist is a 2.4L DOHC 6 bolt timing cover. Everyone uses a regular 4G63 DOHC timing cover without any bolts on the top half.

Oil Pump Cover

The Oil Pump covers look similar but upon closer inspection the timing markers and tensioner mounts differ. Below is a picture of a SOHC (top) compared to a DOHC (bottom). You have to look really closely at the details, but they are different. Alternater bracket different thicknesses, some oil passages different sizes, even the lengths of the oil pump gear shafts differ between SOHC and DOHC.

Important Detail

There is also a small detail that could become very bad news if you don't pay attention to it. The SOHC block's tensioner spring is mounted on a stud coming from the block. If you retain the stud to mount the front cast timing part to, it will rub the timing belt when it is tensioned. The solution is as simple as removing the stud and replaceing it with an appropriate bolt. Here is a before and after.

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