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Drifting is quickly sweeping the nation dominating import magazines and message boards. The reason for this is pure, unadulterated excitement. Its a sport that takes that split second feeling people experience right before an accident, and stretch it out for minutes at a time. Time slows down. Your brain triggers alpha waves to put you in "the zone". In this zone it truely feels like mind over matter as you guide a car with what feels only like will-power.

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The import world's black sheep, the Mitsubishi Starion, has been brooding in the shadows waiting for a sport like drifting to emerge. Its amazing that the car has taken so long to open the eye's of so many. Many know it only as a myth, an oddity and a rarity. In this section I look at the car as a drift car. I analyze the drivetrain, suspension, chassis, wheels, steering and differential and why it just screams: "DRIFT ME!"

My Experience

I have been participating in drift events since April of 2003 (Second D.O.W). I began in a basically stock Starion with the 2.6L G54B. It took me literally years to actually "get it". I made it to events, and that's what counted. I got lots of track time, met lots of great people and learned way more than I ever wanted to about my car. At the 2003 Charlotte Hyperfest (3 states away), I spun a rod bearing in the stock engine... of my daily driver.

During the fall of '03 and into the winter and spring of '04 my family and friends helped me to do my first 4G63 swap. It took WAY longer than I had expected, but I documented my work on my website. This website grew into a small community of other people interested in RWD 4G6x swaps.

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