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Send me email if you want to ask any specific questions.  I'm not an ass so feel free to ask anything no matter how dumb.  Or you can AIM me: DJpowerHaus

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People who have done the swap in one way or another.   Check out their cars!  Send your RWD 4G63 too!

Progress Journal
Stay updated on everything involving the car by reading week to week progress.

Swap Resources
4G63 info, mounting, etc.
A cool motor available in the USA!  One of the most aftermarket supported 4 bangers in the world.

Read about the differences between the 2.6 and 2.0 RWD transmissions and how to make shit work and hopefully be strong.

How to get voltages and signals to where you need them.

Engine Plumbing
Since you're going from transverse to longitudinal, you need to change like fucking everything.  So lets get started...

Things to buy
Here is a list of all the parts I've had to buy...

Other info
Rack and Pinion
The designers at Mitsubishi decided to use a reciprocating ball steering gear box in their flagship sports car.  I am slowly designing a safe rack and pinion setup for the StarQuest.

Other 4G6x Derivatives
1.6L, 2.0, 2.4, stroker and destroker motors.  Who could ask for more?

The Car

Here are the measurements of the engine bay, G54B and 4G63 if anyone is thinking of trying anything totally sweet.

I've focused mainly on the suspension so far with this car.  It is a good base for this project...

The Starion doesn't hide the decade it came from.  Often confused with other sports cars of that era...

Painting Engine Bay
I figured while I had the engine bay cleaned out why not repaint...