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Hello everyone.

First off I am a total newbie to this so I apologise up front for my ignorance.

I have a 1998 L300 Delica/Starwagon 4x4 Manual gearbox that has 2.0 8v 4g63 (g63b?)engine on carbs and it is lacking in power and also economy... mega reliable tho' I have owned it for 14 years and I am looking into doing an engine swap or up the power in some way or another, I am not planning on selling it ever as it will be

I have a plethora of questions so bare with me.

Ideally I would like to do a 4g63T ( i know this won't be much more economical but the to have a delica "evo" it would be worth it I reckon) ... What year engine would I be looking for? would it be best to find a whole engine? with ECU and everything?

Can I just do a top end replacement onto my current block?

The other option I guess is going from 8v to 16v head and adding fuel injection instead of carbs (A Galant engine) and not bothering with a turbo... but that would be a bit boring for the amount of work involved I was thinking..

Is there an easy way of finding out if I have a 6 or 7 bolt narrow or wide block?

I will leave it there for the moment as I am sure I will have a million other questions like what problems am I likely to encounter mainly. I am hoping there is someone on here who has done this... finger crossed...

I am in the UK by the way so I dunno how much difference that makes with regards to the parts I can get hold of.

Thanks in advance and I am really excited to give my old bus a bit of fire...
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 21, 2019 12:17 pm  Reply with quote
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First off, I love the van. I have a 1990 2wd myself. Since we only got the 87-90 2wd fuel injected 2.4 autos here in the states, and when one gets imported, it's almost always one of the diesel versions, I'm not real familiar with your specific setup. I will have to speculate a little which I dont usually like to do. Since no one else has responded, I guess it will be better than nothing.

89 was the last year we received anything with an 8 valve g63b/4g63 or carbs for that matter, but when switching from 8v to a 16v, the valve reliefs are in the wrong location. Also the 16v heads generally have smaller combustion chambers which raises the compression.

Most, if not all, of our 4wd 4 cylinder setups were wide bellhousings, but we never got any g63b/4g63 4wd setups, only awd transverse setups.

I didn't realize that Mitsu made that body style that late. I thought by then they had either switched to the newer body or were badged as something else.

Afaik, all sirius engines 93+ are 7 bolts

Here is where I start to speculate. If you have a 98 8v g63b/4g63 4wd setup, I would bet that it is probably a wide 7 bolt. If that is the case, you wont be able to use an evo or any other transverse mounted block that I know of. This isn't a dead end though, because if your block is in good shape, you can just build your block to the same specs. Being a 98, it might have the newer evo4+ deck pattern or the evo1-3 deck pattern. You'd need to check that before putting money into the top end parts. Probably the closest thing we got here to your engine was a fuel injected 16v sohc wide 2.4 in 97-99 2wd montero sports.
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