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Not sure if this is the correct part of the forum to ask this in since it applies to both mechanicals and electronics, but here goes.
So, I've had my mind set on a Plymouth Arrow (Mitsubishi Lancer Celeste) for awhile now. It's super hard to find one of these, much less a working one. The bigger problem with that is the fact that the stock 4G52 engines are a pain to find. On top of that, if I could find one that ran, finding parts and documentation to repair it would be rough. So, I figured a 4G63 swap could be a good option.
I have it on good authority that the stock engine mounts will fit a 6 bolt Plymouth Sapporo (wide block?) 4g63t from the early 80s and the transmission should bolt up without any problems. The manual transmissions for the Arrow were the KM110 4 spd, KM 119(also seen it as 115, but I don't think that is correct) 5 spd, and sometimes the KM132 is references as being used on later years, as well. Documentation for the 110 and 119 is pretty scarce, but if it's bolting to the same engine and driveshaft as the 132, I assume they are similar enough to be replaced by the D50 like a KM132 can be.
This is where I am unsure, however. First, any verification of this assumption would be helpful, as my plan was to use a D50 5 spd.
It is my understanding that I should be able to use the Plymouth Arrow body and driveshaft with a D50 5 speed manual transmission, 1G DSM 2.0 Liter 4G63t, 1G DSM ECU, 1G DSM MPI Relay, and a 1G DSM wiring harness. I believe that the only problems I'll have to deal with to get the thing running are the clutch (I am unsure of how the cable system will work in this usage or if I'll have to use the hydraulic workaround mentioned on this site), the flywheel selection (which the tons of documentation here could help me with of course), and the well-document coolant drain change thing mentioned on the site. Is this all correct? of course, I'll also have to change out all the gauges, etc. on the interior, but that is a lot easier for me than the massive undertaking of swapping out the entire front half of the drivetrain.
I don't think this will be easy, of course, but I've researched it enough that I feel that it will be fairly simple from a parts gathering standpoint as far as big components are concerned. I think I've narrowed this down well enough that I should be able to gather all of this without too much unnecessary trouble. Any info/advice/help is appreciated. Thanks!
(Bonus, semi unrelated question that I had just been wondering about: How possible would an AWD 1G DSM swap be to a car like this? With the extra space in the engine bay for a car like the Arrow, it seems like it wouldn't be super difficult, relative to other AWD swaps of course, to plop the entire AWD drivetrain in there if the suspension could be adapted to accept it. I am NOT planning on doing this, as I don't have the time nor money to do something that crazy, but I was just wondering what was really preventing something like this for a car like the Arrow. Thanks again.)
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