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Knowlege Seeker

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I really didn't want to do this but iam over the edge...
Because i am an automotive freak and like to keep an eye on new treands and widen my mind with other country's habbits and new products,over the years i have subscribed to many mags,mostly on car modification.
I am a subscribed to US mags,Uk mags,jap mags and Greece's mags(my country)
Its very difficult to get hold of this magazines if the aren't from your country so subscription is a good way to have them on your doorstep on time,always...
Than never happened with SUPER STREET.
I was a suscriber for import tuner(started just for one person's car and that was CONVETTE on sqc) and they offered me a very nice price to be a subscriber to Modified which led to another big deal subscription to SUPER STREET......
Although the first two mags arrived always on time super street never did for near a year now..
I hav emailed them to several email addresses hundrents of times but never got any answer to where my mag was.....
After 4-5 months i got an email that was asking for an appology and that i would sometime get my mag,which ofcourse never never never happened.
I tried contacting both IMPORT TUNER and MODIFIED because i believe ther some kind of same company behind,but i didn't get any reply whatsoever...atleast i get their magazine i payed for...
Paypal allows a claim only until 40 days while the subscription clearly states that there must be a period of 4-8 weeks until you get your first issue so you can clealy see that i have lost my money.
Even though i contacted them again and told them that i was going to do reply,so they are worthy of this.
All this is done trying to save other people's hard earned money and warn them for these scammers...
sorry for the long post
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 08, 2013 10:14 am  Reply with quote
Sir Post A Lot

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Sounds like its a hard time to be Greek. Best of luck getting your magazines. Relax a bit. Its just a magazine!

Where in Greece are you? I remember that during my two weeks on Corfu I saw more old Mitsubishi's than anywhere else in my life.


Getting the engine bolted in is about 10% of the way there.
The next 80% can go quickly with help and skill.
That last 10% takes about as long as the 90% that came before it.
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 08, 2013 10:46 am  Reply with quote
Knowlege Seeker

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Hello my friend....
I live in Athens but although you may have seen many old mitsubishi's,most of them ,nearly all,were imported with the very week engines,mainly 1.2 or rarely 1.6.
I think that my cars are very unique for my country....
My previous car was a lancer 2000ex turbo-every single bolt except the chassis which was 1.2 because we never had these cars imported from our main dealership- and painstackinly slow i managed to source nearly every 2000ex that was made-translplanded here Razz Razz Razz
When my project reached its climax,i found my dream car which is no other than a wb starion?(chrysler conquest tsi)again never imported in my country and maybe the 1 out of three-four that were imported from America from Greekamericans.
I dicthed the 2.6 in favour of my 2.0 6 bolt with an 1g 16v head that i had in my lancer which in its latest incarnation managed 400whp and spinned 5th like hell....
I am fully rebuilding the chassis with even wider wings,monsterous wheels and brakes and with a fresly build 1000hp capable engine...
As for your first comment,we Greeks have always learned how to fight with the worst conditions and come out winners but now the enemy is from within in the faces of our disgusting politicians who in partnership with the same people who killed thousands and thousands of unarmed and innocent people try very hard to hummiliate,dispare and poverty us.....
Only then they used weapons and gas its called politics....
We will not go down no matter how hard they try
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