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So it's A 4g32b 1.6L (belt driven cam, single balance shaft, "auxiliary" intake valve) with the baby 904 behind it.The baby 904 is a story for another day.
What we have here is a drive to second downshift at highway speeds Sad
Lost all power and overheated quickly.
No excessive valve lash (and no springs floating around under the cam cover)
No visible marks on the pistons as seen through the plug holes.
Head gasket parted between #3 and #4 (trust me , even w/o lifting the head I know it pushed out the gasket. Smoke test...)

So here I am with a car that she loves and two of every tool know to man. (well kinda)
In order to maintain my standing as a mechanical gawd almighty I must repair this poor beastie.
Okay the repair is straight forward enough, cylinder head up and down on a new gasket. Baring the inevitable ruined deck surface it's a piece of cake.

I can't leave well enough alone. Is there another head that fits this block?
Is there a twin cam engine that will fit up against the baby 904?
Do I remember something about a wrong wheel drive twin cam that needed a different water outlet to fit in the bay the "correct way"? (getting senile is a biotch)
There's this box of turbochargers out in the garage...

Don't worry about me and the turbochargers. I've managed to get this far without ignoring structural limitations, metallurgical deficiencies and stoichiometry. If I do go that silly I'll be just fine.

I just don't have the experience to identify the correct bits to fit the right holes, to make an intelligent
search for ....

So , help?

"If a man wants to carry two cats home by their tails, by all means let him. He’ll learn things that he might not have otherwise even guessed, and the experience will be one he’ll not soon forget!"

~S. Clemens
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